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Master Kush (AAAA)


Master Kush (AAAA)


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  • Relaxation 100%
  • Happiness 65%
  • Sleepiness 60%
  • Euphoria 55%
  • Creativity 35%
  • Stress 100%
  • Pain 90%
  • Insomnia 75%
  • Depression 75%
  • Headaches 70%
  • Dry Mouth 100%
  • Dry Eyes 60%
  • Anxiety 30%
  • Dizziness 25%
  • Paranoia 20%

This is a potent indica hybrid, with a sativa/indica ratio of 10:90, can reach THC levels of up to 20%, which makes it one of the stronger medical strains around. Master Kush is a crossbreed of an original Hindu Kush strain and a pure skunk strain, though the exact genetics are unclear. These are among the strongest plants in the world. And Master Kush is one of the best-known strains in the world, winner of two Cannabis Cup awards and a personal favorite of Snoop Dogg. It was designed in the Netherlands and remains popular there, while it sells especially well on the West Coast of the United States. It has a pungent but sweet earthy flavor and a light citrus smell that can be hard to detect. The dominant feeling while high is one of total relaxation, along with euphoria and sleepiness, all products of the strain’s genetic heritage. This makes it a good treatment for sleeplessness. Other conditions that benefit from Master Kush include anxiety, mental health problems, and migraines. Negative effects are limited, though dry mouth is possible as always.

Effects: relaxation, sleepiness, happiness, euphoria, uplifted mood, creative vibe, dry eyes, dry mouth

May Relieve: depression, stress, insomnia, lack of appetite, pain, anxiety, nausea

Master Kush is an indica-dominant marijuana strain with an indica/sativa ratio of 90:10 and THC levels reaching up to 20% on average. Originated in south Amsterdam, this strain gained popularity in coffee shops around the city and is widely recognized for its unique terpene profile and set of effects. Although we don’t know its exact genetics, the hybrid was created by crossbreeding a mysterious pure skunk strain with the famous Hindu Kush.

Created by mixing some of the strongest types of weed in the world, the widely-known Master Kush marijuana strain promotes a powerful, euphoric high that makes the users more creative and leaves them in a blissful haze. On the other hand, the hybrid is not overwhelming at all. In fact, most users describe its effects as stimulating, increasing intellectual curiosity and creativity.

When smoking Master Kush, you’ll feel completely relaxed and happy. As the high continues, the indica genetics start to kick in and you can expect a nice body high that will sedate you in no time.




MK is definitely a beautiful plant and it gives gorgeous buds. These are covered with orange pistils and generously coated with resins, which makes them sticky, frosty and white from all these trichomes. The light green buds of the Master Kush marijuana strain are dense and coated with resin.

The Master Kush cannabis strain has a sweet but earthy and pungent aroma with some light citrus notes that are sometimes difficult to notice at the beginning. The hybrid has a very dank and potent smell that is almost impossible not to recognize. Once you open your bag with the Master Kush marijuana strain, its distinct and strong whiff will fill the room within seconds. Buy Master Kush online

As for the flavor, it’s actually quite strong and pungent. The hybrid comes with a woody but sweet flavor that feels very nice on the palate When smoking this strain, you’ll definitely taste some citrus and earthy notes, which is pretty much how the strain smells.

This Kush is also a great medicinal marijuana strain; its main use is for relieving anxiety and stress. Given its powerful indica genetics, the strain may be ideal for those looking for perfect relaxation in the evening. Moreover, the hybrid may be extremely effective in terms of treating a range of sleeping disorders, including insomnia. Thanks to its pain-relieving properties, the Master Kush marijuana strain can help you manage chronic pain, headaches, and migraines. Additionally, this indica-dominant bud gives the user a strong feeling of munchies, which can be useful when it comes to stimulating appetite, especially for medical patients suffering from bulimia, anorexia, or other eating disorders. On top of that, MK is recommended for helping with depression, PTSD and chronic stress. where to buy Master Kush, Buy high quality Master Kush

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